Mental health resources for marginalized populations

If you need immediate help, please call your health provider or Lurie Children's at 1 800 543 7362.

Image via Dennis Bratland, Wikimedia Commons

Image via Dennis Bratland, Wikimedia Commons

We encourage people to reach out to affected youth and families to let them know they are not alone and that there is still a movement to safeguard their rights. 

For undocumented youth at this time, it is important to validate their concerns, noting that threats made to immigrant rights are serious. However, we want to remind them of the slow speed of political processes, the debate and discourse that are taking place as political and community groups champion immigrant rights, and the uncertainty about how repealing an executive order will translate into actual enforcement of immigration policies. 

DACA Update: 

Per the Immigrant Legal Resource Center: The purpose of this advisory is to provide service providers with an update on the status of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and how to counsel clients now. In it we include information on the current status of the DACA program, what to tell clients, factors to consider in deciding when and if to renew DACA, and ideas for what people should do now if they have never had DACA.

DACA UPDATE (August 2018)


Resource Sheet for Families, Parents, and Caregivers
Recursos Para Familias, Padres y Cuidadores

Resource Sheet for Professionals 
Recursos Para Profesionales