Our services

Our work focuses on what children need in their lives to build resiliency.

Children who are resilient are better able to cope with challenges, manage stress, and make healthy choices. Building resilience in children begins with investing in services, programs and adults that care for kids.

Behavioral Health Teams

Multidisciplinary teams to establish systems of care across the multi-tiered classification of need.

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Trauma Training

Signature in-person training to help schools become more trauma-informed.

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Trauma Training Cadres

“Train-the-trainer” model to increase access to school mental health services.

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Youth Mental Health First Aid

Training for adults on how to help adolescents who are experiencing a mental health or addiction challenge or crisis.

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On-site Coaching

Supportive coaching to successfully implement new knowledge and strategies that are learned in CCR training sessions.

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CBITS & Bounce Back Training

Evidence-based interventions for students with programs tailored to grades K-5 and grades 5-12.

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Think First & Anger Coping Training

School-based group interventions focused on anger management with different programs for elementary and high school students.

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Supported Implementation (SI) for Evidence-Based Interventions

Support to increase the fidelity and quality of implementations to build internal capacity.

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