A public health approach to tackling a growing issue.

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Preventative behavioral health can change the trajectory of a child's life.

Research shows that preventive behavioral health improves positive behavior and reduces negative behavior in children and adolescents. Our approach is embedded within a broader philosophy that promoting mental wellness, health, and resilience has a positive impact on many areas of a young person’s life, including academic learning, family and social relationships, and in later years, their professional success.

For adults who work with youth, understanding the importance of social-emotional wellness and resiliency building is imperative. We train school and clinical professionals and community agencies how to use innovative, evidence-based approaches when they work with children who have experienced trauma. We also work with community leaders and policymakers to ensure statewide systems and resources support best practices in behavioral health.

A holistic approach

We are committed to addressing the issue of mental health reform holistically. Each element of our work reinforces our commitment to building more resilient children.

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SCHOOL MENTAL HEALTH – We work with school staff, clinicians, administrators, and community organizations to build better access to mental health services for children and adolescents. Why mental health in schools?

TRAUMA TRAINING – We share trauma-informed best practices with teaching professionals who work with children. Learn what it means to be a "trauma-informed school" here.  

RESEARCH – We identify, evaluate, and disseminate intervention best practices.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING – We train new generations of clinical professionals in our public health approach to mental health.

ADVOCACY AND POLICY – We lead advocacy and policy initiatives to ensure statewide systems and resources support best practices in behavioral health.