WEBINAR: Trauma-Informed Legal Practices for Working with Refugee and Immigrant Youth and Families


The Center for Childhood Resilience is pleased to share a new FREE webinar as part of our You Are Not Alone project to equip pro bono volunteers and staff responding to youth and families in crisis due to recent changes in national immigration policies.

This webinar is designed for attorneys working with refugee and immigrant youth and provides an overview of trauma and how it impacts marginalized (i.e., refugee, immigrant) youth and families. By adopting a “trauma lens,” attorneys will be better able to recognize signs of trauma as well as develop effective trauma-informed approaches to legal practices. Strategies for responding to distress and increasing engagement in mental health support is addressed in the context of legal practice. Finally, the audience will recognize how trauma affects adults who work with young people exposed to trauma and develop a self-care plan to manage the impact of stress.

Duration: 85 minutes

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