Family Preparedness Plan and Facilitator’s Guide


These materials provided by Boston Medical Center include a Family Preparedness Plan (FPP) and facilitator's guide for use in the case of a family emergency or separation, such as in the case of a detention or deportation. The FPP aims to reduce the stress of all parties involved and make transitions easier for children, especially those with disabilities.

The FPP provides information for parents on how to plan and prepare if they have to be away from their children, as well as meaningful information for prospective caregivers on how to provide care of their children. The FPP contains specific information about services and needs of children with disabilities.

Every family should have a FPP, regardless of immigration status, to reduce the stress of the unexpected. In case of an emergency this plan will allow a trusted designated caregiver to care of a child to whom they might know nothing about. This plan will also have the necessary information for family reunification if that is a feasible and safe possibility.