CCR Shares Resources for Children, Youth and Families In Response to Community Violence

NCSTN: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides a list of resources for parents and providers in the aftermath of mass violence. The combination of traumatic personal experiences, violent images in the media, disruption of routines and expectations of daily life, and post-violence adversities pose psychological challenges to affected children and families. Restoring a sense of safety and security, and providing opportunities for normal development within the social, family and community context are important steps to helping children, adolescents, and families recover from traumatic experiences. READ HERE

WBEZ: In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Dr. Colleen Cicchetti, CCR Executive Director and pediatric psychologist at Lurie Children’s Hospital, sits down with WBEZ's Tony Sarabia and explains how adults should talk to children about traumatizing incidents in the news.   LISTEN HERE.

Facebook LIVE: How should you talk to your kids about violence they see on the news or social media? Colleen Cicchetti, PhD, and Tara Gill, PhD, offer some insights on how to help kids cope with violent news and images. WATCH HERE.

NBC 5: Dr. Colleen Cicchetti talks to NBC 5 about setting aside some time at least weekly to talk to your kids and encourage them to express their feelings. WATCH HERE.

WTTW:  Dr. Colleen Cicchetti and CCR Consultant, Dr. Tali Raviv address the mental health concerns surrounding the tragic shooting in Florida on WTTW's Chicago Tonight.WATCH HERE

ABC 7: Dr. Cicchetti sits down with ABC 7 News Chicago to discuss gun violence prevention and the connection to mental health after the recent shooting in Texas. WATCH HERE

Chicago Sun Times: The Chicago Sun Times interviews Dr. Colleen Cicchetti about recent events in Las Vegas. According to Cicchetti, "there’s almost no way to shield kids from the barrage of news about hurricanes and earthquakes or the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, so it’s crucial to talk them through the traumatic news." READ HERE.