DACA Resources


Together with Lurie Children's Hospital and our community partners, we've assembled resources and information for DACA recipients regarding their rights, understanding and coping with stress related to the rescission of DACA, and where impacted families and youth can find help.

DREAM Act/ DACA Update: March 7, 2018

  • Federal court orders issued - one in California in January and one in New York in February- are now allowing DACA recipients to apply for two-year renewals again. 
    • Advance parole to travel abroad is still not available.
    • New applications are still not being accepted.
  • SCOTUS DACA - decision made February 26th ruling that it will not hear the DACA case as requested by the Administration and that instead the case will have to follow the normal appeals process. Learn what the SCOTUS decision means, including guidance for DACA beneficiaries who are eligible for renewal HERE.  
  •  To see if you/ someone qualifies for a DACA renewal, you can visit this FAQs page.
  • DACA renewal works are available at a number of agencies including:
  • ICIRR listing: List of Non-Profit Organizations Authorized to Provide Immigration Services
  • Resources for paying for DACA renewal fees can be found HERE.
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