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Our Team

Colleen Cicchetti, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Colleen Cicchetti’s career has focused on developing and advancing strategies to connect children with the mental health services they need; to equip providers with effective programming; and to identify new interventions that address the emerging mental health needs of children and youth in Chicago, Illinois, and beyond. Critical to this work is her commitment to ensuring the fidelity and sustainability of the models of care that are implemented. She founded the Center for Childhood Resilience (formerly known as the Community-Linked Mental Health Services Program) in 2004.

In addition to her role as Executive Director, Dr. Cicchetti has worked as a clinical psychologist at Lurie Children’s for more than 25 years and is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. She specializes in the areas of program development, evaluation, community outreach, parent education, therapeutic summer camp programming, and treatment for children who have been exposed to trauma or victimization.

She has been the recipient of awards from multiple agencies and philanthropic organizations throughout her tenure with Lurie Children’s. She represents the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on the hospital Advocacy Board and the Injury Prevention and Research Center, as well as in several local and state interagency initiatives that address children’s mental health and trauma treatment, including The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership and as the Clinical Director of The Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition. Dr. Cicchetti also frequently serves as an advisor on policy initiatives.

Dr. Cicchetti received her Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University, a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Northwestern University Medical School.

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