In 2017, CCR began working with Lansing School District 158. This work included both Tier I and Tier II support for building trauma-informed schools.  For Tier I, CCR provided an introductory training on the impact of trauma for select District 158 staff on April 2017. 

In addition, in the summer of 2017 a Trauma Training Cadre of 10 staff (social workers, teachers, administrators, etc.) were trained and certified to disseminate trauma presentations throughout the district.  The Trauma Training Cadre recently trained all school staff in District 158, reaching all 5 schools and approximately 240 school staff. 

For Tier II, CCR staff trained all District 158 school clinicians on Bounce Back in September 2017 and groups are currently in formation in 2 of the 4 district elementary schools.  The district has also been provided with online resources and a combination of in-person and email supported implementation for Bounce Back for the 2017-18 academic year.