CCR Talks to NPR About the Uncertain Future of DACA

CCR team member, Dr. Rebecca Ford-Paz, and other Illinois psychologists talk with NPR about how the uncertain future of the DACA program contributes to mental health issues of youth and families affected by the rescission.

How to Talk to Your Child About the Las Vegas Shooting

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, many parents are faced with a difficult question: what should I say to my child? Between social media and the school lunchroom, news travels fast. For school-age kids, it’s almost inevitable they’ve heard many things about the mass shooting in Las Vegas- and not all of them may be true. Dr. Colleen Cicchetti shares advice on how to work through traumatic events with your child. 

Tips on What to Tell Kids About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

The Chicago Sun Times interviews Dr. Colleen Cicchetti about recent events. According to Cicchetti, "there’s almost no way to shield kids from the barrage of news about hurricanes and earthquakes or the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, so it’s crucial to talk them through the traumatic news."