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The Joseph Palombo Center Fall Conference

  • 401 South State Street Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)

The Joseph Palombo Center for Neuroscience & Psychoanalytic Social Work at The Institute for Clinical Social Work announces:

The Fall 2018 Conference
How Neuroscience Enhances Clinical Practice: A Developmental Perspective

This conference addresses issues related to the application of current knowledge about brain development and brain functions in the clinical setting. The aim is to enhance clinicians’ effectiveness by enlarging their understanding of patients’ psychodynamics and increasing the repertoire of interventions available to them.


Erika Schmidt: “My Brain Told Me to Do It”: A Clinician Considers Neuroscience in the Consulting Room

With all the information available about the findings of neuroscience, clinicians think about its implications for change and people in therapy try to make sense of its meaning in their personal lives.  Using clinical vignettes, ideas from neuroscience, and references in the popular press, this presentation will consider the ways neuroscience shows up in clinical work, musing on the question of how or whether it matters there.

Erika Schmidt, MSW, is President of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute, a Training and Supervising Analyst on its faculty, and on the faculty of ICSW.  She serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association and on the Steering Committee of the Psychotherapy Action Network. She has a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

William D. Gieseke:  Efficacy: Pursuing the Holy Grail of Psychological Treatments

Using a clinical case of a young latency age boy this presentation will illustrate how a basic knowledge of neuroscience can be used in the psychodynamic treatment of a child. A central thesis is that those areas of the brain that are affected by the patient’s presenting problems must be re-engaged and re-connected or “re-wired” if the patient is to change. A second thesis is that a sense of self-efficacy is central to a feeling of a “good enough” sense of self-esteem.

William Gieseke, Ph.D., is on the Faculty of the CAPT Program at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute and is private practice in Northfield, IL.